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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2007|02:37 am]




Chapter Three –


            When Iruka returned to the classroom, his students greeted him enthusiastically and asked where he’d been for so many days. Iruka explained that he had been on a very important mission and that he wasn’t supposed to reveal any details to them. The students groaned in disappointment when Iruka changed the subject with a surprise test to see what they learned in his absence. Iruka sat at his desk and thought of the previous night with Kakashi. He sighed and tried to get the man out of his head. He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead in frustration. He wanted more than just a one-night stand, but knew his reasons for pushing him away. When he opened his eyes again, his skin paled considerably, and then turned bright red as Kakashi’s face was no farther than a kunai’s length away from his own.

             “Kakashi…what are you doing here?” He whispered thickly.

            “Shall I show you what I learned, sensei?” Kakashi pushed an apple-shaped box towards the confused chuunin who opened it and immediately slammed it shut. The students pretended to be more interested in their tests as they watched their teacher drag the famous Copy-nin over to the window, open it, and proceed to shove the jounin out. As Iruka looked up, all pairs of eyes shot back to their papers. Iruka walked back to his desk and quickly pocketed the small vial of apple-flavored lube—to keep it from small hands, of course—and discarded the apple-shaped box.

            That night, Kakashi arrived at Iruka’s door wearing his ANBU uniform. Iruka recognized him, but was perplexed knowing that he wasn’t on active duty. Kakashi lowered his painted ANBU mask slightly to reveal seductive mismatched eyes. Iruka remembered his “gift” earlier and folded his arms.

            “Kakashi…I can’t.”

            “Iruka,” Kakashi lowered the mask completely, revealing that he wore no other mask underneath. “I’ve shown you my true face, will you show me yours?” Tears threatened to fill Iruka’s eyes as he pulled Kakashi inside.

            “What are you trying to do to me, Kakashi?” Kakashi’s eye remained unreadable, but the lecherous grin on his unmasked face spoke volumes. “Kakashi, I told you…” He tried to leap back as Kakashi pounced him and only managed to stumble and fall to the floor with the frisky jounin on top.

            “I know. No relationships. But we can still have fun, can’t we?” Iruka squirmed out of Kakashi’s grip with a substitution jutsu, leaving his vest behind. Kakashi sat up  and rifled through the vest, pulling out his gift from earlier. “So you did keep it.”

            “Is there a reason you’re here in full ANBU gear?” Iruka asked from the bedroom doorway.

            “I look hot in it,” Kakashi smirked as Iruka blushed in response. He stood and backed Iruka into the bedroom and sat him down on the bed. “So, can I stay?”

            “Just…just once more and that’s it.” Iruka frowned, realizing he was going to have difficulties telling him no. Kakashi sat on the bed beside him and smiled, for once able to show someone the sincerity in his expressions.

            “I’ve been researching.”

            “Not like Jiraya, I hope.” Iruka lifted an eyebrow as he pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside.

            “No, I just read everything I needed to know,” Kakashi’s grin never wavered.

            “Not those books,” Iruka rubbed his forehead. “Some of that stuff isn’t even physically possible.”

            “Why, Iruka-sensei…how would you know that?” Iruka blushed and turned away, murmuring quietly with a pout on his face.

            “Maybe…because the Third gave me an unpublished book without a slip-cover and advertised it as being his student’s masterpiece. Not mentioning at all what it was about…” Iruka turned to see Kakashi shuddering with laughter. “It wasn’t funny, it was embarrassing!” This only made Kakashi laugh harder and Iruka couldn’t stop himself from joining in. After they calmed down, Kakashi pulled his own shirt off and pulled Iruka down on the bed with him.

            “Anyway, I read more than that, I read psychology, medical texts, and I asked for advice too.”

            “Advice?” From who?”

            “Genma. And before you say anything, I didn’t tell him about you.”

            “Genma tops.” Iruka eyed him suspiciously.

            “Yes,” Kakashi beamed. “Tonight, I’ll be the teacher and you my student. I’ll show you how much I love you, ‘Ruka.” Before Iruka could make any objections, Kakashi’s hands had made their way down the front of Iruka’s pants.

            “Kaka—aah!” Iruka jumped as Kakashi groped him and shuddered when Kakashi began to gnaw his neck. “Wait…” Iruka glanced at the calendar beside his bed. Plenty of time before the next new moon…I guess it’ll be okay…Iruka sighed. “Okay…” Kakashi lifted his head and finished stripping the both of them, then climbed back on top of Iruka and kissed him deeply. Iruka moaned into the kiss as Kakashi’s tongue entered his own, he had to admit it was more fun without Kakashi’s mask in the way. Kakashi flicked his thumb to open the lube still encased in his fingers and poured some over his fingers as he continued kissing Iruka. Kakashi carefully slid two fingers into Iruka’s opening, causing the other man to bite down on his lip in surprise. Kakashi gave a soft laugh and moved his mouth down lower to explore Iruka’s nipples, alternating between each as he licked and suckled them, rotating his fingers slightly inside him. Iruka hissed and arched upwards slightly as Kakashi moved lower. Iruka raised himself up slightly as Kakashi removed his fingers and gasped as he found them replaced by the other man’s tongue. Iruka squirmed and spread his legs apart wider as Kakashi licked and nuzzled the sensitive area below. Iruka tried to reach down and stroke his neglected erection but was stopped as Kakashi lifted his head.

            “Uh uh, not yet, Ruka-kun.” Kakashi grinned and gave him some relief by sliding his tongue along the shaft and over the tip. “You know, Iruka…I read that humans and dolphins both have sex for pleasure.” Iruka was beyond blushing at this point.

            “Just shut up and fuck me,” he growled low as he arched into the attention his lower body was getting.

            “Wow, it must be true,” Kakashi used the rest of the apple lubrication on himself as he pushed inside Iruka and began thrusting while he slid a hand between them to pump Iruka as well. Iruka leaned back and moaned in ecstasy as Kakashi filled him and thought how much better it was with stimulation from both ends. The sensations made him forget why exactly he hadn’t wanted it before or what could possibly happen if he let it continue. For the moment, Iruka felt completed, wanted, and loved most of all. Kakashi leaned in to kiss him more as they moved as one. Kakashi rubbed his body against the other’s tightly and Iruka rocked his tanned hips up against lighter ones.  Iruka was so caught up in his thoughts and senses that he missed Kakashi’s orgasm and was taken by surprise when his own fluids began to spray onto his stomach.

            “Kashi..!” He clung to the other man tightly as he came down from his release. As they regained their breath, Kakashi slid himself free of Iruka and lay down beside him, shutting his Sharingan eye tiredly.

            “Was I a good teacher?” Kakashi smiled as he nuzzled Iruka’s neck.

            “Mm…yes, Kakashi-sensei,” Iruka purred. “Too bad I’m such a bad student. I may have to practice on you tomorrow…”

            “Iruka,” Kakashi smiled, taken aback. “Is that a promise?”

            “Well, we’ll call it a retry of our first time, but I swear that’s the last time…”

            “Are all dolphins such sex fiends?” Kakashi got no answer but instead received a pillow to the face.

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Exceeds Expectations - Chapter Two [Apr. 14th, 2007|02:33 am]


Note: Though there is sex in this chapter, it's not the good stuff I promised. :) There will be soon.


Chapter Two –


            Iruka woke early in the morning to find himself snugly tucked in with extra pillows he knew were not his. He turned on his side and gripped a pillow in his hand. ‘Smells like Kakashi...’ Iruka smiled and drowsily thought about going back to sleep. The sun wasn’t even up and classes didn’t start for hours.

            “What’s that grin for, sensei?” Kakashi leered as he entered the bedroom. “Thinking about me?”

            “Kakashi!” Thought of further sleep subsided as Iruka bolted upright. “What…Did you stay all night?”

            “I told you I was going to until you recover.” Kakashi stared blankly at him. Obviously.

            “I’m fine, really,” Iruka shook his head.

            “Really, sensei? When was the last time you had to kill someone?” Iruka blinked at Kakashi’s question and looked down.

            “It’s been a few years, I guess…”

            “Right.” Kakashi put his hands on Iruka’s shoulders and fought the urge to squeeze him tight in his arms. “I never had anyone to remind me I was human after my missions, but I want to make sure that you do.”

            “Kakashi, why do you care so much about it? I can take care of myself; I’ve done it for most of my life.” Kakashi froze as Iruka asked him to confront his motivations. He scratched his cheek in contemplation and tried to think of what to say.

            “Why, indeed?” He mentally kicked himself for chickening out. Iruka saw the expression in Kakashi’s eye and wondered if he truly wasn’t sure and decided to help him out by offering a trade.

            “Kakashi, would you tell me the truth if I tell you a secret?” Kakashi nodded slightly, hoping he could tell the truth without fleeing the scene. Iruka slowly removed his shirt and set it aside. Kakashi bit his lip to stifle an appreciative moan and blushed behind his mask. “Here.” Iruka turned his left shoulder towards Kakashi to reveal an ANBU tattoo hidden there.

            “Since when are you ANBU?” Kakashi gaped at Iruka, failing to hide his shock. “You’re not even a jounin yet…”

            “Officially, I’m not. Only the Hokage and you now of course, currently know about it.” Iruka held a hand over the tattoo as if to make it disappear.

            “But I would have noticed you…” Confusion plagued Kakashi’s face.

            “Not necessarily, I report only to the Hokage, and I rarely work with a team. I never speak when in uniform, I only sign.”

            “But why?”

            “For just this reason,” Iruka took a deep breath. “There was a spy in the village. A traitor. He spent the last five years working to find the weakness of every elite ninja, jounin, ANBU, even Jiraya and Tsunade-sama, but failed to include the lower ranks.”

            “Meaning you.” Kakashi was starting to get the picture.

            “Yes, they weren’t expecting me because I’m not on the official ANBU or jounin roster. I usually only handle A-rank missions, but this was an emergency.”

            “Still, even if they knew how to counter the sharingan…” Iruka stopped Kakashi with his hand on masked lips.

            “I asked to go alone, Kakashi.” He watched as Kakashi’s eye widened in shock again for just a moment. Iruka grinned as he realized he broke Kakashi’s cool and calm façade once again. “Tell me now?” He released Kakashi from his silence.

            “I care about you because, well…” Kakashi scratched the back of his head nervously. “Well, I like you.” Kakashi murmured as he looked at the floor, the very picture of a shy young man admitting a crush—wearing a mask and full combat gear.

            “Really? I like you too, Kakashi…” Iruka smiled as the other man looked at him hopefully. You’re the reason I took that damn mission after all. Iruka’s eyes grew predatory as he eyed the jounin. “I like you a lot, but I just can’t have long-term relationships.”

            “Why not?” Kakashi tried to look irritated rather than disappointed.

            “I can’t tell you,” Iruka tried to explain. “It’s…a personal problem.”

            “But you do like me?” Kakashi cocked his head to the side curiously.

            “Yes.” Suddenly Iruka was behind Kakashi and wrapped his arms around him. “In fact, I’d love to fuck your brains out. Would you like that, Kakashi?” His voice was little more than a whisper in Kakashi’s ear before Iruka licked the back of his neck.

            “S-sensei!” Kakashi turned pink as he heard the “cute” teacher talk dirty to him. “So you don’t have a girlfriend?”

            “Girl..? What would give you that idea?” Iruka gnawed at Kakashi’s neck where he had exposed some skin.

            “Oh…well, Naruto…” Kakashi shuddered. “Not important.”

            “So, do you want me?”

            “Yes, sensei,” Kakashi purred as Iruka snaked his hands beneath his clothes. “That would be…nice…”

            “Good.” Iruka gave a feral grin and dragged Kakashi onto the bed. Kakashi started to remove his mask, but Iruka stopped him. “No, don’t show me your face…” Iruka swallowed hard. “I might not be able to let you go if you do…”

            “Close your eyes for a moment then.” Kakashi sighed and pulled cloth from one of the pillowcases he brought earlier. Iruka shut his eyes tight and waited while Kakashi took his vest, shirt and mask completely off and covered his face with the makeshift white mask. “There, you can open them.” Iruka complied and finished stripping the rest of Kakashi’s uniform to reveal more milky skin which he explored with fingertips and tongue. He pulled Kakashi completely on his back and blushed at the sight below him.

            “Hey now, this isn’t fair…you’ve still got pants on.” Kakashi reached up and slid his hand down into them. Iruka shuddered and removed the offending garments, then reached up and untied Kakashi’s headband. Kakashi opened his sharingan eye and gazed at him, then pulled down Iruka’s ponytail. “There, that’s better.” Iruka kissed Kakashi through the cloth forcefully. He wished it wasn’t there but knew it was for the best—he couldn’t tell Kakashi his secret and scare him away forever—at least this way, he could have him, even for just one moment. Iruka spread Kakashi’s legs apart and reached for the lotion on his nightstand. After much fumbling and preparation, Iruka claimed Kakashi’s body with his own. It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t too fast or too slow for either man involved as they worked their way to release.

~ * ~

            Iruka cleaned the both of them afterwards, allowing Kakashi to relax before he got completely dressed. Kakashi gazed upwards at him after he had his shirt and good mask back on.

            “I have a secret for you. That was my first time, Iruka-sensei.” He stood slowly and deliberately as he worked his pants back on gingerly.

            “You mean, with a guy?” Iruka ran a hand through his hair as he lay back in the bed.

            “No,” Kakashi smiled. “My first, period.” Iruka’s eyes widened and his personality immediately changed to the one Kakashi was used to.

            “Kakashi! You were… I’m so sorry, I had no idea! But…you’re always reading those books of Jiraya’s!” Iruka bowed apologetically, half-hanging off the bed, oblivious to the absurdity of the situation. Kakashi stared for a moment and laughed.

            “Iruka, I enjoyed myself, there’s no need to apologize. And I read the books because I like how the man and woman relate to each other, but that doesn’t mean I pursue that kind of lifestyle.” Iruka blushed and nodded, embarrassed by his assumptions about the other man.

            “Still, I’m sorry. I…you were my first too, but I can’t get attached. I know it wasn’t very good, I just don’t know what got into me. Please go now…” Iruka leaned back into his pillows and pulled the sheets back over himself.

            “I know what got into me.” Kakashi smirked as a pillow passed by his head. “Okay, I’ll retreat, sensei. For now, anyway.” Kakashi leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then paused before he left. “Oh, by the way…class is in an hour.”

            “Shit!” Iruka bolted back out of the bed and ran to get ready. Kakashi only laughed and let himself out. He pulled out and opened his orange book and began planning the rest of his day.

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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2007|12:54 am]

Author: honjou (aka iruka_hatake)

Title: Exceeds Expectations

Pairing: IruKaka, KakaIru, KakaIruKaka

Rating: R - NC-17
Genre: Romance/mild angst

Disclaimer: I only *wish* I owned them.

Summary: Iruka Umino has a few secrets that only his family and the Hokages knew about…until Kakashi got himself involved deeper than anyone could expect.
Warning: Contains explicit sex between two men, eventual MPreg (please give it a chance before you dismiss it, a lot weirder stuff happens in the series :) )


Chapter One

            He had two advantages as he ran from the enemy. They were ten minutes behind him as he neared a civilian village and also, there was no moon that night. Though they were above his rank, there were reasons Tsunade had asked him personally to recover the village secrets. They would never expect to lose someone like him. Iruka grabbed the scroll from his pocket that he’d been sent to retrieve and strapped it to his leg. As the sun began setting, Iruka sprang into action.

            Three male ninjas from an enemy village’s ANBU squad searched through town, lowering their masks while among civilians.

            “Do you see him?” One asked.

            “No, I’m not sensing a henge of any kind, nor a genjutsu.”

            “Damn! He gave us the slip, somehow.” The first punched a nearby wall. “He wasn’t even on the list of Jounin-rank ninja, there’s no way he could lose us so easily.”

            “He can’t have disappeared, let’s keep looking. Search every house! Remember, we aren’t to harm any innocent civilian.”

In the center of the village, a bonfire sat as the local girls danced around. A girl with brown hair and matching eyes watched as the ninjas moved on.

            “Here you go, dear,” an elderly woman handed a plate to her. “How did you get in such a state?”

            “Ah,” the girl accepted the offered meal. “I was attacked by wild dogs; I barely managed to make it here before they could catch up to me.”

            “You poor thing, what is your name, child?”

            “Iru…” she blushed and paused. “Rukia.”

            “Iru Rukia?” Iruka sighed in relief that the woman mistook his stutter as a full name. “I don’t believe I’ve heard of your family, Rukia-chan.”

            “I live far away in Fire Country, obaasan. I got separated from my entourage.” Iruka paused as he thought about what might be near enough to not let the old woman worry. “I’ll be leaving in the morning to catch up with them. They said to meet them at the temple if we got separated like this. Thank you for the kimono, I’ll return it before I leave.”

            “Nonsense, you keep that one. You remind me of my own adventurous granddaughter.”

            “Thank you,” Iruka smiled and waited for the festivities to end.

            In the early morning when it was still dark and the old woman was still asleep, Iruka left some money behind to pay her for her hospitality and to apologize for lying to her. Iruka gathered up the remains of his uniform, disguised to look like a dress in tatters, and put on his pouches, disposing the rest of the uniform in the garbage pit and disappeared into the darkness. He picked up a basket and carried it out of the village. As he suspected, the enemy ninja were still waiting, pretending they weren’t there. Iruka leaned down with his basket and gathered herbs and flowers, intentionally exposing just enough of female cleavage to convince the ninja he wasn’t the man they sought.  The men in the trees signaled to each other.

            “It’s just a local woman. Let her pass.”

            “You’re right, no traces of jutsu or chakra at all on her.”

Iruka hid a smirk as he picked up the basket; the ninja were doing such sloppy work in front of a civilian girl. Times like this made him glad he preferred men, they were much less distracting. Iruka continued to pick herbs as he disappeared from underneath the watchful eyes of the enemy. As the sun rose, Iruka wiped the makeup off of his scar and triggered the trap he had set up while pretending to pick flowers.  Behind him, three ninja fell from the trees, senbon lodged in their hearts.

            “And those guys were ANBU?” Iruka laughed as he started towards home. Those were three ninja that would never underestimate anyone ever again.

~* ~

            Kakashi marveled at Iruka’s safe return. He had been there when Tsunade had pulled the Chuunin aside for an urgent S-ranked mission in enemy territory. Kakashi asked why Iruka was going alone on such a high ranked mission—after Iruka had left the room—and asked why he hadn’t been volunteered for the mission instead—not that he was worried. Tsunade had smirked and told him it required a certain finesse he just didn’t have. Kakashi wavered between being insulted and extremely confused.

            ’So here he is,’ Kakashi thought to himself. ’A simple pre-genin teacher, coming back from a solo S-rank mission with few new scars. Maybe there’s more to him than meets the eye.’ Kakashi’s mind jumped track. ’He’s awfully pleasing to the eye, too…’

            “Hey, Kakashi-sensei! Are you even listening?” Naruto waved a hand in front of the jounin’s face.

            “Hm?” Kakashi blinked, distracted from his thoughts of Iruka.

            “I said ‘Where do you suppose Iruka-sensei’s been?’ He just turned in a report for a mission.”

            “Don’t know.”  Kakashi lied.

            “You don’t?” Naruto pouted. “In any case, I missed my chance.”

            “Your…chance?” Kakashi’s eyebrow rose.

            “Yeah! See, I usually go see Iruka-sensei for nightly ramen, but once a month, he refuses to take me there.”

            “You think maybe he’s just tired of feeding you?” Kakashi rolled his eyes, a gesture lost on Naruto.

            “We found a pattern,” Sakura offered. “Iruka-sensei always opens the door, even if he tells Naruto he can’t take him. But Iruka-sensei dismisses Naruto once a month, every night of the new moon, without coming near the door.”

            “We thought of all the reasons it could be. I think Iruka-sensei has a girlfriend, but Sakura-chan says that doesn’t explain the timing.”  Naruto paused as he tried to think of his other theories.

            “We were going to investigate, but then Iruka-sensei went on his mission,” Sakura explained.

            “And then I thought maybe Iruka-sensei could be a werewolf, but Sasuke called me an idiot and said they don’t exist…” Naruto continued.

            “I see, and you guys are concerned…why?” Kakashi mused.

            “Well, Naruto won’t shut up about it,” Sakura cut in again. “But I’m also concerned about the reason he won’t answer the door those days. If there’s something wrong…”

            “I agree with Kakashi-sensei,” Sasuke muttered. “I think he’s just sick of Naruto.”

            “No one asked you,” Naruto pointed an accusatory finger at Sasuke.

            “Here’s a thought,” Kakashi smiled dangerously. “Maybe it’s none of your business, Naruto.” Without waiting for a response, Kakashi left his students to start his own investigation.


            Iruka sighed and lay back on his bed without his headband. His hand covered both his eyes as he recovered his stamina.

            “Why do I let myself get talked into such suicidal missions?” Iruka opened his eyes and froze as his gaze met the upside down eye of Kakashi Hatake.

            “Do you always leave your window unlocked?” Kakashi smiled at the cute teacher. “More importantly, do you always talk to yourself?”

            “Kakashi-sensei,” Iruka held back his voice, or rather tried to. “What. Are you. Doing. HERE?”

            “Your former students were worried about you,” Kakashi only half-lied, leaving out what he deemed minor details. “I came to see if you were as okay as you looked at the office.”

            “Kakashi…” Iruka dropped the formalities. “Are you ever okay after killing people?” Kakashi’s eyes widened in alarm.

            “You? Kill?” Kakashi never thought he’d ever hear that sweet and caring Iruka-sensei could kill anyone.

            “Why are you still here?” Kakashi invited himself in and sat by Iruka.

            “I’m going to keep you company until you recover.” He took out his book and began to read.

            “I don’t need a babysitter, Kakashi.” Iruka half-heartedly swiped at Kakashi’s book in annoyance.

            “Were they trackers, Iruka?” Kakashi folded his book to look at him closely. “Normally, you’d get much angrier than this. You’re exhausted.” Iruka blinked, sighed, and nodded.

            “They were ANBU from the village hidden in the caves up north near Stone. They could detect the slightest chakra and sense any recently performed jutsu.”

            “What?” Kakashi’s visible eye widened. “How did you escape? No, how did you kill them?”

            “I…” Iruka blushed faintly. “I really shouldn’t tell you…”

            “Please tell me, it won’t leave this room.” Iruka sat up and looked at Kakashi’s attempt to look innocent and pleading. He sighed in defeat, the copy-ninja won over him, and Iruka knew it would happen.

            “I have this ability,” he paused. “It…causes me to have no chakra, leaving me not distinguishable from a civilian.”

            “That’s a risky gamble, why send you alone?”

            “Tsunade-sama has confidence in my speed and abilities. Kakashi, I shouldn’t be telling you any details.”

            “Is that the only reason?”

            “No…” Iruka put his hand on Kakashi’s cheek and barely gripped the edge of his mask as he leaned to whisper in his ear. “Not all of us wear our masks so openly, Kakashi.” He smiled and fell back to the bed, dead asleep.

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Hmm... [Aug. 3rd, 2006|04:49 pm]
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Edit: Hey, now this is going to be a fanfiction journal. ^_^

I took Kakashi's name...without telling him of course. ^_^; The wedding's not scheduled until August 19th. I also let him know he should make his own journal, not that he ever says very much to begin with. Naruto and Sasuke are showing Sakura around our new home, I hope they behave themselves...
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